The entertainment lawyer professionals of BLAKE & WANG are skilled in the intricacies of contracting in a broad range of entertainment fields, including film and television production and distribution, music, design, software, Internet based media, and corporate. Each entertainment lawyer at B&W advises clients throughout all phases of the contract process. We assist clients in developing opportunities, preparing proposals, and addressing legal issues that arise during contract performance. 

Contract Knowledge

BLAKE & WANG lawyers understand that contracts in the entertainment industry require more than drafting expertise. Our entertainment lawyer professionals bring a comprehensive understanding of industry standards and deal points to the bargaining table, and provide real world negotiating advise in any industry segment. Contract knowledge and negotiating skills will make or break deals in the entertainment industry, and BLAKE & WANG lawyers have the industry background needed for the toughest deal making.

Drafting & Negotiations

Film and television producers, directors, and writers, as well as recording artists, music producers, and record labels turn to BLAKE & WANG to draft and negotiate distribution agreements, licenses, chain-of-title documentation, employment agreements, releases, investment materials, recording agreements, management contracts, confidentiality agreements and other necessary entertainment contracts.

A B&W lawyer can provide contract and licensing work on either a flat fee basis or under a retainer.  Contact us to discuss reasonable rates with an experienced entertainment lawyer.