BLAKE & WANG provides Securities and Business Plans tailored to the needs of independent film and television producers in all 50 states.  Central to independent production is the need for private capital.  Each entertainment lawyer at B&W understands the requirements of the independent film and television business, and that producers often serve as entrepreneurs before the production starts.

Securities and Private Placement Memorandums

Each Lawyer at BLAKE & WANG is knowledgeable in the intricacies of securities law.  Our lawyers believe that securities should be viewed as an opportunity for independent producers.  Properly drafted, securities filings and documentation protect the producer and lend credibility to the production.

Another benefit is that the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act, Title II, has opened up general advertising to certain Rule 506 Offerings. Our securities offerings are tailored to meet the complex qualification criteria and maximize investor tax benefits in all 50 states.

The following services come standard for one flat fee:

- Flat Fee

- Complete Investment Entity (Corporation, LLC, or Limited Partnership) in any state.

- Custom drafted private placement memorandum for one film or a slate, which is JOBS Act compliant (approx. 50 pages)

- Subscription agreements and investor suitability survey

- Unit issuance

- Comprehensive tax discussion document as required by federal and state law

- Tax letter prepared by B&W tax lawyers

- Tax incentive determination letter

- Investor screening and accreditation throughout offering term

- Complete state and federal investor disclosures

- Federal securities filing

- State securities filing information

- LLC, LP and tax question and answer time

- Question and answer time with a securities lawyer

Business Plans

Whether you are pursuing private investor money or industry financing, a business plan is typically the key to presenting your film production professionally.  B&W business plans highlight the strengths of your particular film and production skills, demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the film industry, current trends and demographics, and protect the producer with well-researched figures and appropriate disclosures and disclaimers.  Entertainment Lawyers at BLAKE & WANG prepare business plans for your production based on your specifications.  The following services come standard for one flat fee:

- Flat Fee

- Custom drafted Business Plan for one film or a slate

- Accurate and up-to-date industry and demographic figures

- Print quality files

- Incorporate key art, stills, and images

- Film finance question and answer time

- Draft and final version prepared